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Dried Figs are processed in town main packing manner due to the consumption purposes. Bulk and retail packs.

The figs are classified under the typical names like Natural, Pulled, Protoben, Lerida, Garland, Layer. Natural Figs are the graded, hand-sorted and unwashed figs, which are loose, packed in boxes of various weights.

The other types Pulled, Protoben, Lerida, Garland and Layer are figs, which are graded, hand-sorted, washed and hand - manipulated to give a special shape. So each shape has got its own name.

Pulled-Protoben and Lerida is packed both in bulk and in consumer packs while garland and layer types are packed only in consumer packages. Consumer pack materials that are used to pack the figs in retail packs are cellophanes, carton trays, wooden trays, plastic trays, and styrofoam trays.

The figs are processed as clipped, stemmed off, halved, diced and paste,

For industrail and re-process purposes.