Freeze Dried Fig Slices

MixedFreeze DriedFruits

Freeze Dried Ornage-Kiwi Pine apple in Packs

Freeze Dried Strawberry

Frezze Dried Banana Slices

FREEZE DRIED FRUITS are crispy,delicious and nutritive fuits,thanks to drying techic Premium Seasonal Fresh Fruits are selected and washed,then are dried by freezing in the form of Whole,Sliced,Halved,Cut in various dimensions and in Powder.

They could be in bulk for foods services,catering and industry as ingredient or in small consumer packs. They can be consumed as snack or by adding milk with serials in Breakfast. They could be used in muslie too.


*No additive and no colorant agents. So it is healty.

*Safe from Afloatoxin and Ochratoxin issues.

*Never lost original Color,Taste and Nitrutional Values of their fresh ones.

*Consumers enjoy the taste as if they ate fresh Fruits.

*Crispy and enjoyable.

Freeze Dried Straberry Cubs

Freeze Dried AppleSlices

Freeze Dried Strawbery Powder

Freeze Dried Kivi

Freeze Dried Mandarin

Freeze Dried Orange


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Freeze Dried Water Melon

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Freeze Dried Pineapple